Waterfalls and Ponds

  • Ponds, waterfalls, streams, and water gardens all add beauty to your outdoor living space. The sound of gently trickling water is very relaxing and soothing. Brian Anthony Landscaping designs every water feature to blend with the rest of the landscape. From natural ponds, with fish and frogs, to natural looking ponds and waterfalls integrated with your in ground swimming pool. For our Commercial customers, ponds and other water features are the perfect complement for restaurants, hotels, and office buildings. When thinking of adding a waterfall or pond to the yard a few questions should be asked. Bergen County landowners can save heartache and stress by answering these questions:
  • Does the waterfall need to be seen from the house? Or deck? Or patio?
  • Will the waterfall tie seamlessly into the existing landscape? Do big changes need to be made?
  • How close will the waterfall be placed to a bedroom? The noise may be a problem at night!
  • Will one pump or two pumps be needed for the waterfall? Two pumps can save energy, and money, by using one for circulation and the other for the waterfall.

Brian Anthony Landscaping & Design will help you answer these questions and more as we come up with a design that fits your landscape and your tastes. The best course of action is to hire a Bergen County landscaping firm

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